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NTU General and Liberal Educational Statement

Since the former president of NTU, Professor Chao-chung Yu proposed “well-round education” as the concept of school in 1981. NTU spared no effort in promoting general and liberal education. The concepts and definitions of general and liberal education are upheld: “To establish human subjectivity in order to complete one of self-liberation, and to establish the inter-subjectivity relationship between the humanities and the natural environments where humans live.” Under this concept, General and liberal education at NTU emphasized the possibilities of the dialogue, communication and integration between different academic fields, avoided the fracture between tradition and modernity and between globalization and localization, and fostered students’ cultural literacy, expanded their global vision, and cultivated their lifelong learning abilities. Therefore, in general and liberal education planning, the general and liberal education curricula cover eight areas: Literature and Arts, Historical Thinking, World Civilization, Philosophy and Moral Reasoning, Civic Awareness and Social Analysis, Quantitative Analysis and Mathematics Material Science, and Life Science.

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